100 Best Blogs for Disabled People and Carers

If you want to read some truly inspiring personal stories and insightful, practical articles relating to disability and getting older you’re in the right place. We’ve scoured the internet to find the 100 best blogs for disabled people and carers.

There are absolutely loads of great bloggers out there and it was a real challenge for us to select the best of the bunch.

However, with careful consideration and lots of reading, we’ve decided that the following blogs are the best out there for people living with a disability, dealing with the challenges of ageing, or caring for a loved one with mobility issues.

This top 100 list is exclusive to Stairlifts Reviews and we believe the high quality blogs featured provide real value for our website visitors. Reading about the experiences of real people in similar situations can help prevent feelings of isolation for people with a disability or those looking after a family member or friend with limited mobility.

By reading the very honest and personal stories shared on these blogs you will quickly realise you are not alone out there. You are likely to feel inspired by some of the things these bloggers have achieved. As well as offering a feeling of connectedness, the blogs we’ve chosen offer useful information and practical advice on a whole range of topics, from finance to travel.

We have listed all these blogs in one convenient place to make it easier for you to find information and stories that are of interest to you. Many of these blogs are updated regularly and we encourage you to follow your favourites to stay up to date.

So, here is our definitive list of the 100 best blogs for disabled people and carers:

Martyn Sibley blogs about his personal journey living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and is a dedicated disability campaigner. He was recently named the third most influential person in Britain with a disability. Posts include Crazy adventures, more world changing projects, and a generally great 2016 and Power 100: Who Are Britains most influential disabled people?

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This blog provides up to date news about issues relevant to disabled people. It is part of DisabledGo.com, a website that has detailed access information about thousands of places throughout the UK and Ireland. Posts include Premier League club admits it will break promise on wheelchair spaces and New system allows wheelchair-users to park their unoccupied cars.

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Tania is a fashion and beauty blogger who also shares her personal stories of living with chronic illness. Posts include Passing Time In The Waiting Room and Styling A Red Heart Print Dress For A Wheelchair And Crutches.

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Sarah is a young beauty and disability blogger and writer who shares her experiences of living with chronic conditions.Posts include 30 Things My Chronic Illness Has Taught Me and 30 Things in 30 Years.

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Emma is a Scottish blogger who loves to travel. She writes informative posts about accessible travel from her experiences as a wheelchair user, including reviews of accessible music venues and tourist attractions. Posts include Accessible Activities with Calvert Trust Kielder and Hampton by Hilton Glasgow Central – Wheelchair Access Review.

Follow @Simplyemma2 on Twitter.

The Aidis Trust blog has interesting and informative articles about assistive technology, disability access and mobility issues. Posts include Happy Birthday Louis Braille: The Future of Braille and Out and About: Travel Training. Follow @AidisTrust on Twitter.

Founded by Fiona, a wheelchair user living with MS who refuses to give up being stylish, this is a well-researched blog about stylish mobility aids, accessible travel, design and disability. Posts include The ‘D’ List – 3 New Things in Disability and Lower Saxony Part 1; Who Knew A Place Could Be So Accessible?.

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This blog features the personal experiences of living with chronic back pain as well as product reviews and news related to the treatment of back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and other condtions that cause chronic pain. Posts include I Cannot Fault The NHS and No Turning Back – Reduce Back Pain with Spine-Stabilizing Exercises.

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An inspiring blog providing tips on prevention, treatments and therapies for osteoarthritis pain.Posts include Ever feel in more pain when the sun disappears and the rain falls? and Is it true: can running really help prevent osteoarthritis?.

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This is the blog of the CP Teens UK organisation and has some inspiring articles particulary for youner people with disabilities. Posts include For my sister and A world without Cerebral Palsy?.

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This is a the personal blog of Nicola, who shares her experiences of being a young person living with Cerebral Palsy.Posts include Trying not to think too big and November was indeed crazy.

Follow @NicolaG01 on Twitter.

This is the official blog of the home care provider Almond Care, which provides care and support at home for disabled people with complex needs including spinal cord injury, muscular dystrophy, TBI and ABI. The blog has some inspirational personal stories as well as news on latest research findings. Posts include British bodybuilder with cerebral palsy hopes to inspire others and Spinal injury survivor takes first steps since “freak accident”.

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The Muscular Dystrophy UK blog features personal stories from various guest bloggers and has lots of useful tips on accessibility issues, benefits and fundraising campaigns. A great read for people with a disability and caregivers. Posts include Mamma mia, Meryl has a point! and Molly, my life-changing dog.

Follow @MDUK_News on Twitter.

Lee writes informative and humourous articles from his personal perspective of livng with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and aims to raise awareness of this disease that affects 1 in 400 people. Posts include I spy with my little eye! and It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life.

Follow @onein400 on Twitter.

Louise’s personal blog about her experiences of scoliosis and surgery has some practical tips for other people living with scoliosis. Louise has an engaging writing style and shares some really useful ideas, such as exercises people can try at home. Posts include Scoliosis surgery – what to bring to hospital and My 5 Favourite Scoliosis Exercises.

Follow @missloobie on Twitter.

This is the blog of the chairty Spinal Muscular Atrophy Support UK. It has some useful posts for anyone affected by SMA. There are posts on the latest research, as well as personal stories and fundraising activities. Posts include Novel Antisense Therapy Removes the Brakes on SMN Protein Production and New SMA Voices: A Dad’s Story.

Follow @SMASupportUK on Twitter.

The inspirational personal blog of Connor, who suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury playing rugby age 19 in 2014. Connor shares his incredible journey, detailing his progress, treatment and therapies. A must-read for anyone affected by spical cord injury. Posts include Borders Blog (December 13, 2016) and Thailand Blog (September 27, 2015).

Follow @connor_journey on Twitter.

The blog of Helping Hands, a provider of live-in care and home care visits that helps people stay in their own homes. It features personal stories of their customers and carers and is an interesting read for disabled and older people who want to remain independent in their home, and their caregivers. Posts include Dementia doesn’t hold back artist Heather! and The differences of hourly and live-in care.

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The UK Care Guide has put together some really helpful resources about care in the UK and is a useful site for older people and their loved ones. The blog has loads of posts related to care topics, including excellent information on NHS continuing healthcare (CHC) and other types of funding. Posts include NHS continuing healthcare – 5 things you need to know about eligibility and Where there’s a Will there’s a way: the importance of making a Will.

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The Age UK Blog is run by the well-known charity that provides services and support for older people across the UK. It has some interesting and useful posts on ageing related topics, including independent living and money matters. It is a worthwhile read for both older people and carers. Posts include Implementing John’s Campaign – improving the quality of care and experiences of people with dementia in hospitals and Guest blog: What Keeps You Sharp?.

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The Age Space blog aims to provide information and support for people caring for an elderly person. There are posts on all different aspects of being a carer, including money and legal issues as well as managing day to day life. Founder Annabel wants to help other people caring for elderly relatives navigate the care system and find answers to their questions all in one place. Posts include Fixing our broken care system – An exclusive interview with Norman Lamb MP and How best to take care of the carer.

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The Same Difference blog features some great articles for a people with all disabilities. It is written by Sarah, a physically disabled writer and poet. Topics range from disability rights to inspirational stories. Posts include Premier League Football Clubs May Face Legal Action Over Lack Of Disabled Access Says Report and What’s Wrong With Spending Your Benefits On Prosecco?.

The personal blog of a blogger from Hampshire who writes about a range of topics, including beauty, fashion and travel and disability issues, from her perspective as a disabled mum. Posts include Susan Boyle & The Portrayal of Autism in the Media and Husband as caregiver.

Follow @curlywurlygirly on Twitter.

The Beyond Disability blog discusses a broad range of disability related issues, including news items, accessible travel and assistive technology. Posts include What do you do with your old wheelchairs? and Making A Positive Awareness In The Media: 12 Actors With Disabilities.

Follow @beyondisability on Twitter.

Blogger Jolene has a son with special needs and began Different Dreams to provide resources and support for other parents of children with special needs and disabilities. The blog has evolved and is now a great source of information, support and advice for caregivers of loved ones of all ages, including adults caring for their elderly parents. Posts include Lessons of Faith and Beauty and Our EA TEF Adventure: A Journey with Our Son.

Follow @jolenephilo on Twitter.

The Focus on Disability blog has some interesting posts for disabled and elderly people and carers. Articles cover the latest news related to welfare, health and care in the UK. Posts include Third of disabled people living in cold homes and Care and Support Alliance responds to reports that the Government will increase the social care precept.

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This is the personal travel blog of Cory Lee, a wheelchair user with a passion for traveling. Cory shares his wheelchair travel experiences and has visited countries all over the world.Posts include That time a hippo attacked me in South Africa and Wheelchair Friendly Things to Do in Melbourne, Australia.

Follow @coryleetweets on Twitter.

The Have Wheelchair Will Travel blog documents an Australian family’s adventures of traveling with a disabled child and aims to encourage other wheelchair users to get out and explore. There are lots of posts about accessible travel in Australia in particular, as well as Europe, the US and Canada. Posts include Changing Places – Changing Lives and Ovation of the Seas – Accessible Cruise Ship.

In this inspirational blog Glenda Watson Hyatt shares her personal stories of living with Cerebral Palsy and types each post using only her left thumb! There are some great articles on all kinds of accessibility and disability related topics. Posts include Forget Making New Year’s Resolutions, Embrace Your Dream – The North Star for Your Life’s Journey and Daring to Follow a Dream Leads to Deliciously Ironic Employment.

Follow @GlendaWH on Twitter.

Blogger Amy is a wheelchair user who shares her personal experiences of traveling with a disability. In addition to her personal stories, Amy also writes accessible travel reviews of places she has visited. Posts include Angkor Wat in a wheelchair and UberWAV London.

Follow @amyoulton on Twitter.

Blogger John Morris writes about accessible travel from his point of view as a wheelchair user. His posts include reviews of places hes visited and ideas on how to make travel more accessible. There are also some featured guest posts. Posts include My Three-Year Wheelchair Travel Anniversary and Mobile App Improves Access to Public Transport in Dallas, Texas.

Follow @wctravelorg on Twitter.

The personal blog documenting the Smith family’s experiences of traveling with a child in a wheelchair. The focus is on finding inclusive family holidays and attractions. There are a lot of articles about local destinations in Victoria, Australia, as well as posts about the family’s adventures in many different countries. Posts include Surfing for everyone and Sky high in Melbourne.

Follow @smithsholiday on Twitter.

The Bimblers are Rob and Bridget. Bridget has Refractory Rheumatoid Arthritis and Rob writes about the couple’s travel experiences. This is a personal blog mainly about accessible travel for wheelchair users and people with mobility issues. There are lots of well-written posts reviewing weekend breaks, holidays and tourist attractions in the UK, Ireland and Europe. Posts include Accessible and Affordable Luxury Travel in Paris and Bimbling Along the Coast in West Wales – Aberystwyth to St Davids.

Follow @TheBimblers on Twitter.

This is a personal blog detailing writer Jay’s experiences of traveling with a disability. she shares her thoughts on accessibility and attitudes to disability in the the various places she visits. Posts include Travel Highlights of 2016 and Review: Thames River Services Sightseeing Tour.

Follow @herroyalj on Twitter.

The official blog of the disabled charity Scope has informative and thought-provoking articles about disability issues in the news as well as real life stories of people with disabilities. Posts include Our priorities – influencing government in 2017 and 2016: a year in the life of the Scope helpline.

Follow @Scope on Twitter.

The Purple Space blog features positive stories about the jobs and career experiences of people with a disability or long term health condition. The disabled contributors share some great tips for overcoming challenges to pursue your chosen career. Posts include My story, Hannah Boots, HR Advisor, Fujitsu and My pride in becoming a disability confident role model, Liz Jessop, KMPG.

Follow @mypurplespace on Twitter.

Chill4us Carers is a small voluntary organisation run by carers and ex carers with personal experience of caring for a loved one and the challenges faced by unpaid carers. The Chill4us Carers blog has some excellent posts for unpaid family carers who are looking for information, advice, and support. Posts include Free bus rides help Norwich Foodbank deliver service and Valentine’s Day & Dementia: What To Consider When Your Partner Has Dementia.

Follow @Chill4usCarers on Twitter.

This disability blog features personal stories and articles about the experiences of and challenges faced by people with disabilities. It is interesting to read the different opinions and thoughts of the many contributors. Posts include Changes that need to happen in the day program’s rooms and On Language.

Follow @NEINDEX on Twitter.

Canadian writer Sarah Levis is the Girl With The Cane. In her blog posts she talks about and shares her opions on disability related issues. She is a passionate advocate for disability rights and an inclusive society. Posts include Meryl Streep, We Don’t Need Your Outrage and Trump Wins The Election – Thoughts on What Happens Now.

Follow @GirlWithTheCane on Twitter.

The Wheelchair Kamikaze blog documents Marc’s personal journey living with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. The articles are well-written and honest, and in 2016 the blog won 2nd place in Healthline.com’s “Best Health Blogs” contest. Posts include So Long, 2016… and New Year’s Eve Through MS Eyes (repost).

This is Meriah’s personal blog where she writes about her life as a mom as well disability and travel. Her daughter Moxie has Down Syndrome and Meriah aims to share her positive experiences of disability with other parents. Posts include What the Hell do We Do About the ACA (“Obamacare”) Repeal? and Voices from the Disability Community: Carly Findlay.

Follow @meriahnichols on Twitter.

Blogger Emily is a passionate disability rights activist. Words I Wheel By is her personal blog where she shares stories of her life as a wheelchair user and gives her opinions on social justice and disability rights issues. Posts include What I Want Future Teachers to Know About Students with Disabilities and I’m Not Here for Your Inspiration, and Neither is Michael J. Fox.

Follow @emily_ladau on Twitter.

This blog is part of the HearingLikeMe.com website, a community for people of all ages living with hearing loss. There are various authors who cover a range of hearing loss related topics and personal stories. Posts include How noise affects your shopping experience and 5 Tips to Help Your Deaf Toddler Communicate.

Follow @phonak on Twitter.

Rexy Edventures is Ed Rex’s travel blog where he shares his experiences as a deaf backpacker traveling in numerous countries around the world. The posts are written with a fun and humourous tone and aim to inspire others to get out and explore. Posts include Made in Hull for UK City of Culture 2017 and Why I Hated Lisbon.

Follow @rexyedventures on Twitter.

An interesting blog about acessible travel and disability related news. It is part of Clubmates Travel, which specialises in supported holidays for disabled people. Posts include Science Says that Travel and Experience are the Greatest Sources of True Happiness and Wheelchair Accessibility in the Australian Airlines: Fly Now!.

The Mobility Resource blog has some great posts about all kinds of disability related topics, such as driving, advocacy, travel and relationships. There are some inspiring stories and useful tips for people wth disabilities or mobility problems and caregivers.Posts include Care for the Caregiver and 10 Tips to Winterize Your Accessible Vehicle.

Follow @SweetMobility on Twitter.

This is the blog of Shropshire Disability Network (SDN), a charity which represents disabled people across Shropshire. It features personal stories of disabled people and carers as well as disability related news items of interest to its readers. Posts include Doctors Advised to think – Could this be Sepsis? and Jo shares her experience of being a Mother, Carer – part 2.

Follow @ShropDisNetwork on Twitter.

The personal blog of mom and author Kelle that chronicles her family’s Down Syndrome journey and stories from her everyday life. There are some helpful posts for parents and carers of children with special needs. Posts include Am I Doing It Right?: Special Needs and Siblings and Summer Road Trip Guide for Kids.

Follow @etst on Twitter.

Wheelchair Mommy is mom Priscilla’s personal story of her daily life in a wheelchair. There are some great articles about her experiences of pregnancy as a paraplegic and parenting from a wheelchair. Posts include Paralyzed and Pregnant – My First Pregnancy as a Paraplegic and A Month of Gratitude 4.

Follow @WheelchairMommy on Twitter.

The Cerebral Palsy News Today blog features the latest Cerebral Palsy related news stories, covering areas such as science, health and advocacy. Posts include Kayla’s Dream: Great Reading About a ‘Normal’ Girl with Cerebral Palsy and Factors Involved in Early Birth May Be Linked to Cerebral Palsy, Other Disorders.

Follow @cerpalsy on Twitter.

As part of the Research Institute for Consumer Affairs this blog discusses consumer issues of particular relevance to older and disabled people. Topics include accessible design, assistive technology, avoiding scammers and how to be a mystery shopper. Posts include Good design benefits everyone and Will Personal Health Budgets fix wheelchair services?.

Follow @RicaUK on Twitter.

Ramp Your Voice is described as a “self-advocacy and empowerment movement for people with disabilities”. Founder Vilissa writes informative, opinionated and thought-provoking posts that reflect her belief in equality and justice for all. Posts include Living in Trump’s America: Thoughts From a Black Disabled Woman and (In)Accessible Rooms: The Biggest Lie Told By The Hotel Industry.

Follow @RampYourVoice on Twitter.

The SPINALpedia blog features posts on topics of interest to the spinal cord injury community and aims to provide information and support to people with paralysis. Articles include personal stories and interesting news items. Posts include SCI Superstar: Denna Laing and SCI Superstar: Garrett Greer.

Follow @SPINALpedia on Twitter.

This is the offical blog of the charitable organisation Jason’s Connection. It features informative posts that are great sources of support and ideas for people living with disabilities, their loved ones and carers. Posts include Affordable Care Act Appeal and Focusing On Strengths.

Follow @JasonConnection on Twitter.

The blog of EasyStand, a manufacturer of standing devices for wheelchair users, has lots of well-written posts on a range of disability issues, including life after a spinal cord injury and rehab after surgery. Posts include Standing After Hip Surgery and A Child’s Perspective: Growing up with a Disability.

Follow @EasyStand on Twitter.

Author and writer Donna Thomson is a disability activist whose son Nicholas was born with severe disabilities. At her blog “The Caregivers’ Living Room” she blogs about her personal experience with caregiving and shares some great tips for other caregivers.Posts include Why Using Hospice Doesn’t Mean You’re “Giving Up” and What Some Doctors Don’t Understand About Us.

The Carers Trust blog has articles that offer support and information for people caring fora loved one at home. It covers all kinds of care related topics, including money, health and the NHS. Posts include Do you know someone else’s PIN number? and Carers need to put themselves first.

Follow @CarersTrust on Twitter.

The Limping Chicken is a UK based deaf blog that features posts written by deaf people from all over the world. It “lays eggs” ie. publishes new posts every weekday. Articles are a mix of news items and personal stories. Posts include Mike Zart: What being temporarily deaf through psoriasis has taught me and Molly Watt: What happened to my hearing aids when I was on holiday in Bali.

Follow @Limping_Chicken on Twitter.

Of Battered Aspect is the personal blog of Dave Hingsburger, a wheelchair user who has worked in the disability field for over 30 years. In his posts Dave shares his stories and reflections about his day to day life. Posts include Invalid and Fake Issues.

This is the blog of Disability Information Scotland and is a great source of information and support for people with a disability and carers. Posts cover various topics, including disability sport, accessibility and money issues. Posts include Get inspired about disability sport in Scotland! and Unwanted disability equipment.

Follow @disabilityscot on Twitter.

The blog of Euan’s Guide, the disability access review site that aims to make it easier to find disability access information. The blog includes the latest news from the website and feature articles about accessibility at various destinations and attractions.Posts include Scoring high on Euan’s Guide – English football stadiums with great access and Hotels with hoists.

Follow @EuansGuide on Twitter.

A blog by author Candy Harrington all about accessible travel for wheelchair users, slow walkers and baby boomers at various destinations in the US. Posts include Price to Rise on NPS Senior Pass in 2017 and Uber Erects More Accessibility Roadblocks.

Enjoying the Ride is the personal blog of Mitch Sturgeon, a wheelchair user with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Mitch shares his personal stories and experiences and aims to use the blog to advocate for the disabled community. Posts include Inspirational Videos—Love ’em or Hate ’em? and Have I Betrayed My Childhood Self?.

This is the blog of NCHPAD, which works to encourage people of all abilities to participate in physical activity. There are posts related to physical activity and general disability topics. Posts include Five Cool Tips for Super-Efficient Weight Loss and Management and Advocating for Disability Inclusion in the Workplace.

Follow @ncpad.org on Twitter.

Blogger Jen chronicles her day to day life as a woman living with blindness, chronic illness and mental health issues. The posts are well written and thought provoking. Posts include What Is Help? and What Vulnerable Implies.

Michael blogs about his journey sinces being diagnosed with MS in 2008. His writing is very honest and personal. Posts include That “I Can’t Do the Job” Moment and 76 Things #22: Self-Reflection.

The Ethos Disability Blog features some interesting posts on a wide range of topics related to disability. Areas covered include assistive technology, accessible travel, fashion, parenting and tips for students with disabilities. Posts include How Online Study Can Benefit Students with Disabilities and Thriving In Winter With Cerebral Palsy.

Follow @ethosdisability on Twitter.

The Leonard Cheshire Blog features the latest news, activities and events of the Leonard Cheshire Disability charity. There are also personal stories and articles on social care in the UK and other topics of interest to disabled people and carers. Posts include Failing social care puts unsustainable pressure on the NHS and Julie’s story — the state of social care in Great Britain in 2016.

Follow @LeonardCheshire on Twitter.

In this personal blog mother Lisa shares her story of living with the rare disease Sheehan’s Syndrome. She hopes her writing will help and inspire others who are chronically ill and looking for answers. Posts include What Is White Coat Syndrome? and My Story With Cervical Dystonia.

Follow @HypoGal101 on Twitter.

This is the blog of Evenbreak, a not-for-profit social enterprise that connects disabled job candidates with inclusive employers. There are some great posts about inclusive employers, the benefits of employing people with a disability and career opportunities for disabled people. Posts include Guest blog: 5 people with sight loss and their careers and CAA help passengers with hidden disabilities.

Follow @evenbreak on Twitter.

In her blog Ilana shares her personal journey since being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy in her forties. Her posts are a great source of information and ideas for other people living with CP and include tips on health and nutrition, exercise and alternative therapies, as well as inspirational quotes. Posts include Exercise & heart health and Feeling guilt.

Follow @TheCPDiary on Twitter.

Blogger Laura writes honest and insightful posts about her life with Cerebral Palsy in the hope that by sharing her story she can help others. Posts include Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start living and Things to do when you when your child is struggling to get their educational needs met.

Follow @lofdifferently on Twitter.

The Council for Disability Awareness blog has some useful posts on a range of disability issues, from personal finance to health and wellness. It’s great source of information and support for disabled people and caregivers. Posts include Five Simple Financial Moves to Make in 2017 and Why We Worry and How to Reduce It.

Follow @The_CDA on Twitter.

The Friendship Circle blog is a useful resource for parents of children with special needs. There are articles on a range of topics, including parenting tips, special education, therapy and product reviews. Posts include 10 Ways for Special Needs Families to Get Organized in 2017 and 15 Companies Providing Clothing and Accessories for Children with Feeding Tubes.

The Mighty is a growing community of real people sharing their real stories of the health challenges they face. It provides a platform where people with a disability or disease can connect with others and avoid feelings of isolation.Posts include When I Realized I Don’t Have to Be a Hero as a Person With a Disability and Emerging From the Shadows of Concealing My Disability.

This is the blog of home care provider Pure Homecare. It has some well-written articles that will be of interest to older people and their families. Posts include Your Social Life Doesn’t Stop When You Retire! and The Benefits of Staying Active.

Follow @purehomecare on Twitter.

When They Get Older has been created to provide information and support for anyone trying to look after ageing and elderly parents, relatives or friends. It’s a useful one-stop resource with posts on a range of issues that affect elderly people, such as mobility and falls, arranging home care and choosing a nursing home. Posts include Safe walking in winter for older people and Maintaining a relationship when your parent has dementia – a real-life story.

Follow @theygetolder on Twitter.

The Caregiving Space is an online space where caregivers can get support and understanding and connect with others who have experienced their own caregiving journey. There are a number of writers and guest authors sharing their very honest and personal stories of caring for a loved one. Posts include When the clock won’t stop and Enjoy A Nothing Day—Self-Care for Caregivers.

Follow @theCGspace on Twitter.

This blog has some helpful tips and advice for caregivers and is a useful read for people who care for elederly loved ones at home. Posts include Topics and Questions to Ask Elderly Loved Ones and 7 Normal Changes of Aging.

CareGiving.com is a great one-stop website for people who are caring for a loved one who want to read about other people experiencing a similar situation. There are some very personal and honest blog posts written by caregivers who want to share their stories with others. Posts include Bye-bye Bro and the Big Let Down and The Fracture Becomes the Routine.

The Caregiver’s Voice Blog has some interesting posts that offer support and information for people caring for a disabled or elderly relative. There is a good mix of humorous, inspirational and practical articles. Posts include 8 Ways a Caregiver can Maintain A Healthy Level of Insanity and Caregiver – Never Give Up.

Follow @CaregiversVoice on Twitter.

Inclusive Solutions was founded by two educational psychologists and offers a range of inclusion oriented services. The blog has some great posts about their work, including training courses, person centred planning and Community Circles. Posts include Children in Care PEP Project – Suffolk and Hartlepool Person Centered Planning work done through MAP process.

Follow @IncSols on Twitter.

The Disabled Sheffield blog has some useful posts for disabled people in Sheffield and throughout the UK and promotes independent living. Posts include Sheffield – The Best Accessible Outdoor Places to Visit and ‘Take my brain out’: The artists awakened by Brain Injuries.

Follow @DisabilitySheff on Twitter.

This blog has interesting posts for people with a disability, their parents and carers, and for people working in the area of supported internship and employment. Founder James is passionate about inclusion and works to help young disabled people find paid employment and gain more independence. Posts include How to be a Job Coach and Job development employment proposals.

The founders of eQuality Time are passionate about promoting inclusion and equality for all through technology and education. The blog has some inspiring posts about the Open Voice Factory, which is free software designed to help people with communication difficulties express themselves. Posts include Open Voice Factory celebrated as one of the world’s 100 most inspiring examples of tech for good and A Mod for Ryan.

The blog of Arthritis Care, a registered charity that provides a free helpline for people affected by arthritis, has some useful information for people with arthritis and caregivers. Posts include 10 Reasons to Ride London for Arthritis Care and Keeping warm this winter.

Follow @arthritis_care on Twitter.

This blog has some useful tips for people who suffer from joint pain and mobility issues related to conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Posts include 8 ways to ease your cold weather joint pain and The Benefits of Exercise on Knee Osteoarthritis.

Informative blogs posts about the work of the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society and issues of interest to people affected by the condition. Posts include Lack of NHS resources in Wales causing delays to Inflammatory arthritis diagnosis and treatment and Healthcare Champions 2016.

Follow @NRAS_UK on Twitter.

The official blog of the MS Society features personal stories of those affected by MS as well as news on the latest research. Posts include What it’s like to be diagnosed with MS at 16 – part two and How exercise helps me feel good.

Follow @mssocietyuk on Twitter.

This blog has some great articles on assistive technology that can transform the lives of disabled people. It is part of the charity AbilityNet, which helps disabled and older people use computers and the internet. Posts include Free expert advice on technology and disability available to you and App-cessibility: Top 3 apps to make your tech more accessible for you.

Follow @abilitynet on Twitter.

A blog with detailed posts about the pros and cons of non-surgical treatments and therapies for scoliosis, including information on chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy and exercies such as yoga. Posts include Yoga for Scoliosis: Does it Work? and Chiropractic Treatment for Scoliosis: How Effective is it?.

Follow @scoliosissos on Twitter.

The blog of Heritage Independent Living, an agency that provides live-in and daily carers. It features articles on independent living topics that are of interest to elderly people and caregivers, such as tips from improving mental and physical health, keeping warm and combating loneliness.Posts include Companionship & Peace of Mind and 6 Ways To Improve Communication With A Dementia Sufferer.

Follow @heritagecarers on Twitter.

The Carers Club blog provides information, ideas and support for people caring for a loved one and is a great resource for the millions of unpaid carers in the UK. It is run by Virgin Care, which offers NHS and social care services throughout the UK. Posts include Definition of a carer and Carer burnout.

Follow @VirginCare on Twitter.

Revitalise is a registered charity that provides respite holidays for disabled people and carers. The blog has regular articles of interest to disabled people and carers. Recent pots include Bringing Fashion Forward and Autumn Jewels.

Follow @RevitaliseNow on Twitter.

This is the blog of the Centre for Ageing Better, which is an independent charitable foundation that works to help more people enjoy a good later life. The blog includes topical news items and commentary on issues that affect older people and an ageing population. Posts include Volunteering, wellbeing and getting out of Janet’s way and On Carers Rights Day: Carers are still missing out, now and in later life.

Follow @Ageing_Better on Twitter.

Caron has put together a really useful blog that provides a wealth of information and practical tips for anyone who care for an elderly person, with the focus on keeping them safe and independent in their own home. Caron has over 20 years experience of working in the care sector and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with other caregivers. Posts include No tie shoe laces and Hospital Bag.

Ashley Shepherd writes knowledgeable blog posts about personal finance topics that are relevant to the over 50s age group and also features guest posts from other experts. The blog is a great source of information on important issues that we need to consider as we get older, such as funeral costs and arranging power of attorney.Posts include Switch and get more from your pension and Living with someone with dementia.

Follow @Over50Choices on Twitter.

This is the blog for HelpAge International, which is a network of organisations that work to help vulnerable older people across the world. Posts include A UN convention on ageing would protect older people’s rights in Mongolia and 4 key outcomes from the seventh Open-ended Working Group on Ageing.

Follow @HelpAge on Twitter.

The Retirement Villages blog features some well-written posts aimed at older people, including tips on keeping active in later life and using the internet. Posts include The rise of silver surfers: Are you online yet? and Why you should keep active in later life, plus our top five extreme pensioners.

The 50connect blog aims to provide a platform to connect older people and share informative and entertaining articles that are of interest to the over 50s. Topics include travel, motoring, finance and health. Posts include Winter superfoods and Feeling the strain? Try these seven ways to de-stress.


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