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Companion Stairlifts Review

Companion Stairlifts, owned by Handicare, sell and install their stairlifts nationwide. Their dedicated team provides customer assistance every day of the year, 24 hours a day, and they offer emergency fitting throughout the UK.

Companion are experts at finding solutions for fitting stairlifts in tricky surroundings. For example, their stairlifts can be tailored to fit nearly all types of stair configurations, including narrow and spiral stairs and outdoor steps.

Companion pride themselves the stylish look of their stairlifts, which come in a choice of different colours to suit you decor and personal taste. They also offer a re-upholstery service for the seat fabric if you would like to change the colour in the future.

To find out how much it will cost to get a stairlift suited to your exact needs, you will need to arrange a free no obligation quote. Companion will send one of their technical surveyors to visit your home to assess which stairlift will be best for the configuration of your stairs.

Companion Stairlift Prices

The average price that customers paid was £2,545 for a brand new stairlift. Bear in mind that figure is based on all types of stairlifts. Curved ones will be more expensive than straight ones. The average price for a used Handicare stairlift was £1,406.

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    Companion Straight Stairlift

    Companion Straight Stairlift


    • Adjustable swivel seat with lumbar support
    • Ten safety sensors to bring the stairlift to a smooth stop if there is an object on the staircase
    • Easy to use paddle switch that can be operated with minimal pressure
    • Controls can be fitted to either the left or right arm rest
    • Choice of six different seats colours
    • Seat can be re-upholstered if you change your decor
    • Track can be extended away from the top or bottom of the stairs to suit your needs
    • Power-hinged track option to fold away the end of the track when it’s not in use, which is a useful option if it blocks a doorway at either the top or bottom of your stairs


    Companion Curved Stairlift

    Companion Curved Stairlift


    • Designed to fit the exact curves of your stairs, even very tight curves
    • Ergonomically designed “easy grip” control can be fitted on either the left or right arm rest to best suit the user
    • Swivel seat to make getting on and off safer, with a powered swivel option
    • Seat can be adjusted for comfort and ease of use and offers lower back support
    • Choice of six upholstery colours
    • Re-upholstery service available
    • Remote control operation to park the stairlift or call it to the user
    • Optional power-hinged track that can be folded away where it presents a trip hazard or blocks an door entrance
    • Option to extend the track if there’s space, to allow dismounting in a safer place on the landing


    Next Day Installation

    Companion now offer a next day installation service in certain areas of the UK. That means that on straight stairlifts they can provide you a quotation in the morning and have it installed and operational on the very same day (subject to survey).

    Price Match Promise

    Companion also offer a price match promise. So, if you receive a quotation for the same model from another company, they guarantee to match they price.

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