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Bison Stairlifts

Bison Stairlifts

Bison Bede produces stairlift models for both straight and curved stairs. Bison stairlifts have been around since the 1980s. In the early days the company manufactured stairlifts for the NHS, local authorities and people obtaining funding from Disabled Facilities Grants.

As the company grew they added curved stairlifts to their range. Bison Bede was bought by Acorn in 2008. Now Bison stairlifts are sold by approved dealers throughout the UK. Their models can be installed on nearly every type of staircase, sometimes where other makes won’t fit.

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    Bison 50

    The Bison 50 is a straight stairlift designed for staircases that go directly in one direction, with no bends or corners. It is the modern version of the original Bison Compact.

    It has a slimline design, so it can be a good option on narrow or steep stairs. It measures under 12 inches (300mm)wide when it’s folded away against the wall. This allows other users of the staircase more space to safely climb the stairs.

    Other features include:

    • A rechargeable battery pack to ensure the stairlift can still be used in a powercut. The batteries will be automatically charged whenever the lift is parked and not in use.
    • Safety edges to detect any obstruction on the stairs and automatically bring the stairlift to a safe halt to avoid an accident. The object can then be removed with a walking stick or with the help of a carer.
    • An adjustable swivel seat with a range of seat heights.
    • A choice of seatbelts, similar to either car or plane safety belts. These are designed to be easy to operate even for users with limited mobility in their hands or arms.
    • A Self Diagnostic Display that shows information about the stairlift’s status. For example, it will indicate if the lift needs to be serviced. A footrest that stops close to the floor and landing to help the user get on and off without having to negotiate a big step.
    • An optional Auto Parking button that folds up the stairlift and parks it safely when not in use. This can be operated by a remote control and avoids the user having to bend.
    • An optional interlocking barrier arm.
    • A weight capacity of 28 stones, which makes it suitable as a heavy duty stairlift.

    Bison 80

    The Bison 80 is a curved stairlift with similar features to the Bison 50.

    The key difference is that the Bison 80 operates on a modular rail. This means it can be fitted to most types of stairs with bends, corners or turns.

    The Bison 80 is designed to automatically adjust the speed and seat level when it negotiates a bend. This helps ensure a safe and smooth ride for the user

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