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Handicare Stairlifts

Handicare Stairlifts Review

Handicare is a global company with its head office in Stockholm, Sweden. The company offers a range of safe and reliable stairlifts designed to make life easier for people with reduced mobility. Handicare stairlifts are sold nationwide across the UK and their range of mobility equipment products is available in over 20 countries worldwide, such as the Vermeer, Van Gogh and Rembrandt curved stairlift range.

The company’s origins go back to the 1800s and after various mergers and takeovers over the years, the business changed its name to Handicare in the 1990s. Handicare took over Freelift in 2007 and the Minivator Group in 2010. The company was then renamed Handicare Accessibility Ltd in the UK and Handicare Stairlifts B.V. in the Netherlands.

For physically challenged and elderly people who struggle with their stairs, installing a stairlift can help them maintain their independence at home. Handicare offers a selection of straight and curved stairlift solutions for almost any type of staircase configuration. Their stairlift models come with various customisable options depending on the user’s needs and budget.

Handicare Stairlift Prices

Handicare stairlift prices depend on the model and any customisable options you require, whether your stairs are straight or curved and how much work will be required to fit the stairlift. We recommend getting a free, no obligation quote to find out how much it will cost to install a stairlift to meet your individual needs. If you are thinking of buying a Handicare stairlift, they are sold by independent suppliers throughout the UK. Handicare also works together with the social enterprise Age UK Trading CIC to supply Age UK stairlifts and support their charitable work.

Warranty Cover and Maintenance

All brand new Handicare stair lifts purchased from their UK partners are covered by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty that’s included in the price. Most stairlift dealers also offer extended warranties to cover their stairlifts for breakdown repairs after the original guarantee has expired. Handicare recommends its stairlifts are serviced at least annually by an approved engineer to carry out maintenance checks and ensure they are in full working order.

If you purchase a reconditioned Handicare stairlift from a reputable supplier, it should have been fully refurbished and serviced and come with a warranty.

Handicare Straight Stairlifts

There are four different models in Handicare’s range of stairlifts for straight stairs. These are designed to travel on staircases with no bends, corners or intermediate landings.

Handicare 1100

  • Ultra slim and compact design for narrow stairs
  • Folding seat, footrest and armrests
  • Swivel seat
  • Safety sensors
  • The narrowest rail on the market
  • Continuous charge functionality
  • Patented four wheel drive technology
  • Grease free rail
  • Easy to keep clean

Handicare 1000

  • Slimline design
  • Slimline aluminium track with two park points
  • Smart seat with a choice of upholstery colours and powered options
  • Heavy duty versions available – 1000 XL and 1000 XXL
  • Powered hinged rail option
  • Folding seat, footrest and armrests
  • Perch seat option
  • Outdoor version available

Handicare 950+

  • Powered and automatic options
  • Continuous charge track
  • Wipe-clean seat in a choice of colours
  • Ergonomic toggle control
  • Perch seat option

Handicare 950

  • Most affordable and cost-effective basic model
  • Manual swivel seat
  • Powered footrest option
  • Continuous charging function
  • Ergonomic toggle control
  • Slide track or manual hinge options
  • Wipe-clean seat in neutral sand colour

Handicare Curved Stairlifts

Handicare offers two different types of curved stairlifts in the UK, which are designed for use on stairs which bend, turn corners or cross landings and even on spiral staircases. They run on bespoke rails that are custom made to fit the exact requirements of your stairs.

Handicare 2000

  • Twin tube rail design
  • Suitable for narrow stairs with very tight bends
  • Choice of three seats (the Style, Smart and Simplicity)
  • Perch seat option
  • Powered footplate option
  • Heavy duty version available
  • Powered hinged rail option
  • Safety sensors
  • Folding seat, footrest and armrests

Handicare Freecurve

  • Unique single rail design in a choice of colours
  • Turn and Go option for narrow curved stairs
  • Choice of three seats (the Classic, Elegance and Alliance)
  • Powered and automatic options
  • Safety sensors
  • Folding seat, footrest and armrests

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