Handicare Stairlift: Reviews, Prices & Popular Models

Handicare stairlift reviews, prices and popular models

  • Handicare stairlifts are highly rated for their reliability, ease of use, and safety features. 
  • Customers appreciate the range of available models, which cater to both straight and curved staircases as well as narrow and outdoor staircases.
  • The price of Handicare stairlifts for a straight staircase installation in the UK is between £2,000 and £3,000. Curved options start at £4,000, while budget-friendly options start at £1,000 (reconditioned) or £1,300 (temporary rentals).

Handicare, founded in 1886, is one of the oldest and most trusted names in mobility solutions. They offer a wide range of top-quality stairlifts designed to fit any home and budget, including options like their innovative 1100 stair lift for narrow stairs, as well as new, reconditioned, and rental models. 

New stairlifts in the UK come with a manufacturer’s warranty, and extended warranties for repairs are available through dealers.

Handicare is recognised for its dedication to innovation and user-centric design. It ensures that its stairlifts adhere to European Union safety standards and maintain transparency as a member of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA). Handicare specialises in creating custom solutions for all types of staircases, whether straight, curved, or narrow.

In this article, we’ve dived into Handicare-stairlifts reviews, exploring popular models, prices, and features to help you find the best stair lifts for your specific needs. We’ve also discuss warranty options and maintenance recommendations, including annual servicing to keep your stairlift running smoothly. 

Whether you’re looking to regain access to your upstairs, spend more time in your garden, or simply make your home more accessible, we’ve researched the best Handicare stair lifts to suit your needs.

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Handicare stairlift reviews

Handicare stairlift reviews

Based on 1,360 reviews on Trustpilot UK, Handicare stairlifts have received a remarkable 74% 5-star rating, demonstrating high customer satisfaction, quality products, and efficient services. Specifically, the Handicare 1100 stairlift reviews received high praise for being an innovation that works, has beautiful designs, is well-built, and is easy to manage.

To get a well-rounded understanding of customer experiences with Handicare products, below are some key areas we’ve noticed. 

Key areas where Handicare excels include:

  • Exceptional customer service: Customer stairlift reviews consistently praise the friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff who provide support throughout the entire process, from initial inquiries to installation and after-sales care.
  • No-pressure sales approach: Customers appreciate the consultative approach, feeling their individual needs are understood and addressed without feeling pressured to make a purchase.
  • Quick and efficient service: Handicare is recognised for its timely response and installation. Many customers report their stairlifts were installed within days of their initial inquiry.
  • High-quality products: Users consistently describe the stairlifts themselves as well-built, easy to use, quiet, and reliable, which contributes to a positive user experience.
  • Clear communication: Customers value Handicare’s transparent and informative communication, which ensures they are well-informed at every stage of the process.

Industry recognition

Handicare’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in its recognition within the industry. The company is a member of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA), which upholds high standards for its members and promotes ethical business practices. Handicare’s stairlifts also adhere to European safety standards, ensuring user safety and peace of mind. 

According to THIIS, a leading UK trade magazine for mobility and independent living, Handicare, in partnership with Age UK, was honoured with the Platinum Feefo Trusted Service Award for providing exceptional and improved service throughout the UK.

Areas for improvement

While Handicare has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, some customers have reported occasional issues with after-sales support and product reliability. 

By proactively addressing these concerns and continuing to invest in customer service and product quality, Handicare has the opportunity to elevate its reputation further and solidify its position as a leader in the stairlift industry in the UK.

Handicare stairlift prices

On average, Handicare stairlift prices start from £2,000 – £3,000 for the Handicare 1100 & 1000 straight models. Prices for curved or more complex staircases generally begin at £4,000. Refurbished or second-hand Handicare stairlifts are available for £1,000, while short-term rentals range from £1,300 to £3,000 for the first 6 months, and afterwards, a monthly fee.

Handicare stairlifts UK prices:

Stairlift type Handicare stairlifts prices (£)
Straight £2,000 – £3,000+
Curved £4,000 – £6,000+
Outdoor £2,200 – £4,000+
Perch/standing £2,000 – £3,500+
Reconditioned £1,000 – £5,000
Straight rentals £1,300 for 6 months, then £80/month
Curved rentals £3,000 for 6 months, then £150/month

These prices are estimates and can fluctuate based on the factors below. Get Prices Now!

Factors influencing the final stairlift prices:

  • Staircase type, length, and width: Straight staircases are generally less expensive than curved or longer/wider staircases. Narrow staircases may require specific models or customisations.
  • Location and dealer: Installation costs may differ depending on your location and the chosen dealer.
  • Stairlift model: Different models offer varying features and functionalities.
  • Additional features: Optional features like power swivel seats can add to the cost.
  • New or refurbished: Refurbished stairlifts are generally more affordable than new models.
  • Installation costs: This includes labour, materials, and any necessary modifications to your staircase.

Handicare provides transparent pricing with free, no-obligation quotes that factor in all costs, including installation. Getting a personalised quote is recommended to get an accurate estimate for your specific needs and staircase configuration.

Do handicare buy back stairlifts?

No, Handicare does not buy back stairlifts directly because they are bespoke, made-to-measure products. However, they will remove your old Handicare stairlift for free if you buy a new one from them. Other companies may offer to buy back your used Handicare stairlift, depending on their individual requirements.

Popular and high rated Handicare stairlifts

Handicare provides a range of stairlift models designed to accommodate various requirements, including straight and curved staircases, outdoor use, and considerations for individuals with knee and hip issues and those on the heavier side. Here are some of the most popular and highly-rated models:

  • Handicare 1100
  • Handicare 1000
  • Handicare 950+
  • Handicare 950
  • Handicare 2000
  • Handicare Freecurve

 Below are the key features and benefits of each Handicare stairlift model:

Handicare straight stairlifts

Handicare stairlifts straight

Handicare designs their straight stairlifts for staircases without curves or turns, making them easy to use. These are the popular models of straight stairlifts.

Handicare 1100

  • Best features: Ultra-slim and compact design, ideal for narrow stairs.
  • What customers like: Continuous charge functionality and easy maintenance with a grease-free rail.
  • Special features: Unique options like folding seat, footrest, and armrests; safety sensors; swivel seat.
  • Weight capacity: Up to 140kg (22 st).
  • Colours: Multiple upholstery options available.
  • Price: From £2,000

Handicare 1000

  • Best features: Slimline design with an aluminium track, versatile for different user needs.
  • What customers like: Powered options for ease of use and heavy-duty versions available.
  • Special features: Folding seat, footrest, and armrests; smart seat with various upholstery colours; perch seat and outdoor options.
  • Weight capacity: Up to 200kg (31.5 st) for XL and XXL versions.
  • Colours: Various seat colours and upholstery options.
  • Price: From £2,250

Reconditioned Handicare straight stairlifts

Reconditioned handicare straight stairlifts

Handicare 950+

  • Best features: Budget-friendly without compromising safety and reliability.
  • What customers like: Manual swivel seat, ergonomic toggle control.
  • Special features: Continuous charge track; wipe-clean seat in a choice of colours; perch seat option.
  • Weight capacity: Up to 137kg (21.5 st).
  • Colours: Multiple upholstery colours.
  • Price: Reconditioned from £1,438 (incl. VAT). The production of these models has been stopped.

Handicare 950

  • Best features: Most affordable, designed for straightforward installations.
  • What customers like: Easy-to-use controls and manual swivel seats.
  • Special features: Slide track or manual hinge options; powered footrest option; ergonomic toggle control.
  • Weight capacity: Up to 137kg (21.5 st).
  • Colours: Wipe-clean seat in neutral sand colour.
  • Price: Reconditioned from £1,318  (incl. VAT). The production of these models has been stopped. 

Handicare curved stairlifts

Handicare curved stairlifts

Handicare curved stairlifts cater to more complex staircase designs with bends, turns, and even spiral configurations. These models are custom-built to fit the specific dimensions of each staircase, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. Here are the details for each curved stairlift model:

Handicare 2000

  • Best features: Custom-built twin tube rail design for curved staircases.
  • What customers like: Comfortable ride around bends and landings.
  • Special features: Folding seat, footrest, and armrests; safety sensors; powered footplate and hinged rail options; perch seat.
  • Weight capacity: Up to 115kg (18 st).
  • Colours: Various seat styles and colours (Style, Smart, and Simplicity).
  • Price: From £4,500 Incl. VAT.

Handicare Freecurve

  • Best features: Unique single rail design for tight curves.
  • What customers like: Highly customisable with different seat options.
  • Special features: Turn-and-go option for narrow curved stairs; powered and automatic options; safety sensors; folding seat, footrest, and armrest.
  • Weight capacity: Up to 125kg (19.5 st).
  • Colours: Multiple rail colours and seat options (Classic, Elegance, and Alliance).
  • Price: From £3,000

These models reflect Handicare’s commitment to providing high-quality, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing stairlifts for various user needs.

Handicare stairlift customer services

handicare customer service

Handicare offers comprehensive customer services to assist users with their stairlifts. They provide support for common issues such as stairlift problems, battery replacements, and removals. Their responsive and helpful customer service team ensures quick resolution of any issues. Here is what Handicare stairlift customer service covers:

  • Stairlift problems: If users encounter any problems, Handicare’s support team is available to troubleshoot and offer solutions. Whether it’s a mechanical issue or an operational glitch, their experts are ready to assist.
  • Battery replacement: Handicare guides users through the process of replacing the stairlift battery and offers replacements if needed. They ensure that users can easily find and install new batteries to keep their stairlifts running smoothly.
  • Stairlift removal: When a stairlift is no longer needed, Handicare can arrange for a stairlift removal. Their team handles the process efficiently, ensuring that the stairlift is removed safely and without damage to the property.
  • Stairlift reset: If necessary, instructions and support are available to reset the stairlift. Handicare provides clear guidelines and assistance to help users reset their stairlifts in case of any operational issues.
  • Customer services: Handicare’s customer service team is available from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. If you can’t reach them right away, leave a message, send an email, or call back during operating hours. For urgent needs outside of those hours, check their website or leave a message.

Warranty cover and maintenance

Handicare stairlifts come with a standard warranty that covers parts and labour for a specified period, usually one year. Extended warranties are also available for added peace of mind. To ensure longevity and performance, technicians recommend that you regularly maintain your stairlifts, and Handicare offers maintenance services for this purpose.

Routine maintenance checks include inspecting the stairlift for wear and tear, lubricating moving parts, and ensuring all safety features are functioning correctly. This proactive approach helps prevent potential issues and extends the stairlift’s life.

Installation services

Handicare provides professional installation services to ensure that their trained technicians fit your stairlift correctly and safely. Their trained technicians handle the entire installation process, providing peace of mind and ensuring the stairlift operates efficiently from day one. Remember that stairlifts are custom-made to fit your specific staircase, and installation will be a factor in your final price for the product. 

Customisation options

Handicare provides various customisation options to tailor the stairlift to individual needs and home decor. Users can choose from different seat styles, colours, and additional features like powered swivel seats and footplates, ensuring the stairlift meets their specific requirements.

Emergency repair services

In case of unexpected breakdowns, Handicare offers emergency repair services. Their team of skilled technicians is available to respond to urgent repair needs quickly, minimising downtime and ensuring that users can continue to rely on their stairlift without prolonged interruptions.

Obtain multiple quotes to get the best deal on a Handicare stairlift

Handicare stairlifts quotes

Obtaining multiple quotes when considering a Handicare stairlift is incredibly beneficial. When you compare quotes from different suppliers, you can be confident in securing the best deal within your budget. By using this approach, you can evaluate multiple offers and uncover potential discounts or special promotions before reaching a decision.

Multiple quotes offer several advantages, such as:

  • Save money: Prices can vary significantly among suppliers. Comparing prices can reveal potential savings.
  • Discover hidden discounts: Some companies offer unadvertised special discounts. It’s always worth asking about any available deals.
  • Find the perfect fit: Just as you wouldn’t buy ill-fitting shoes, you want a stairlift that suits you and your home. Exploring multiple options helps you find the ideal match.
  • Find reputable companies: It’s crucial to find a reliable company that offers excellent service. Researching and comparing enables you to identify companies with solid reputations.

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Who makes Handicare stairlifts?

Handicare Group, a global leader in mobility solutions, manufactures Handicare stairlifts, which are renowned for their quality, reliability, and innovative features.

Do Handicare buy back stairlifts?

No, Handicare does not buy back stairlifts directly because they are bespoke, made-to-measure products. However, they will remove your old Handicare stairlift for free if you buy a new one from them. 

What is the price of the Handicare 1100 stairlift?

The Handicare 1100 stairlift typically costs between £2,000 and £3,000 or above, depending on the specific installation requirements and additional features selected.

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