Acorn Stairlifts: Your Comprehensive UK Guide

Acorn stairlifts a comprehensive guide and reviews

  • With an 82% 5-star rating, Acorn Stairlift is a household name that exudes quality and exceptional service.
  • Acorn Stairlifts offers a range of safe and reliable stairlifts tailored to different staircase types, including straight, curved, and outdoor stairs. Their user-friendly designs improve home mobility, and their commitment to safety and innovation makes them a trusted name in the industry.
  • Acorn stairlifts range from £995 to £1,700 for refurbished models and start at £2,300 for newly fitted straight stairlifts. Factors like staircase type, features, and customisation affect prices.

Acorn Stairlifts has a long-standing history of designing and manufacturing stairlifts for various types of staircases. Their dedication to safety, innovation, and customer satisfaction has earned them a reputation as a trusted brand in the industry. Popular models include the Acorn 130 Straight Stairlift, the Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift, and the Acorn Outdoor Stairlift. Customers consistently rate Acorn Stairlifts highly for their quality, reliability, and excellent customer service.

Acorn Stairlifts offers a range of services, including free home surveys, professional installation, and ongoing maintenance. Their commitment to customer support continues even after purchase, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Finding reliable stairlift installers near you can make a significant difference in the quality of installation and long-term performance of the stairlift.

This article covers everything you need to know about Acorn stairlifts, from the most popular models to their cost, customer reviews, and services. Whether you’re looking for detailed information about the types of stair lifts available or need to get a stairlift quote, we’ve covered it all.

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Acorn stairlifts reviews

Acorn stair lifts reviews

Acorn Stairlifts has a strong record of customer satisfaction and receives positive feedback for its products and services. With over 7,950 Trustpilot reviews, it has an 82% 5-star rating and a 4.6/5 overall score.

Customer praise

Customers frequently commend Acorn for their:

  • Reliability: The stairlifts are dependable and built to last.
  • Comfort: Smooth operation and comfortable seating are commonly highlighted.
  • Ease of use: Users find the stairlifts simple and intuitive to operate.

Excellent customer service

Many users appreciate Acorn’s excellent customer service and after-sales support. The company’s staff is known for being:

  • Professional and courteous: From initial contact to installation, the service is polite and respectful.
  • Prompt and efficient: Installations are often completed within days of the initial inquiry.

Safety features

Reviews often highlight the robust safety features of Acorn stairlifts, which add to users’ peace of mind. If you’re considering various stairlift companies, Acorn’s focus on safety and reliability is a key differentiator.

What Acorn can improve on

While generally receiving positive reviews, a few customers have expressed concerns about the frequency of maintenance required and the reliability of the stairlift. Some have encountered unexpected breakdowns, although such incidents are rare.

Nevertheless, Acorn’s prompt repair services have effectively addressed these issues. 

Addressing these concerns would further enhance the customer experience and solidify Acorn’s standing as a leader in the stairlift industry.

Overall, Acorn is highly regarded for customer satisfaction despite minor problems. 

High rated Acorn stair lift models

Acorn offers a range of highly rated stair lift models, including the Acorn 130 for straight stairs, the Acorn 180 for curved stairs, and the Acorn 130 Outdoor for external use. Users appreciate these models for their dependable performance, user-friendly design, and comfortable features. The table below compares different models. 

Acorn stairlifts comparison table

Model Type Setting Max weight  (kg/st) Starting price (Fitted)
130 Straight Indoor/ outdoor 159 / 25 £2,300 – £4,000
180 Curved Indoor 120 / 19 £5,500 – £9,000
FastTrack® Curved Indoor 120 / 19 £5,000+
*Please note: Prices listed are estimated starting costs and may vary depending on customisation, features, and installation complexity.

Pros and cons of Acorn stairlifts


Indoor and outdoor options are available

High customer satisfaction

24/7 support available

Next-day installation is possible for most lifts

Complimentary Acorn Club app

❌ Cons

Short initial warranty length

No financing options

Low weight capacity compared to other brands

Limited customisation options available

Let’s explore each model in more detail: 

Acorn 130 stairlift

Acorn 130 straight indoors stairlifts

If your home has straight stairs without twists or turns, the Acorn 130 Stairlift is the perfect choice. It’s one of the most popular models, with prices starting at £2,300. This chairlift for stairs offers a simple and effective solution for mobility challenges at an affordable cost. The installation is fast and won’t require extensive home modifications. Users love how easy it is to operate with its intuitive controls. NHS UK recommends straight stairlifts, like the Acorn 130, because they are simple and easy to use.

What makes the Acorn 130 stairlift stand out

  • Turning seat: The Acorn 130 features a turning (swivel) seat for easy and safe access to the stairlift. At the top of the stairs, the seat turns to let you get off facing away from the staircase, which helps prevent falls. This is especially helpful for those who have trouble with balance or mobility.
  • Safety sensors: The Acorn 130 has several safety sensors that stop the stairlift if it detects something in its path. This feature is essential if you have pets or children or often have things on the stairs, such as a laundry basket. It keeps everyone safe by preventing accidents.
  • Slimline design: The Acorn 130 takes up as little space as possible on the stairs. This means it won’t get in the way, and other people can still use the stairs easily. If your staircase is narrow or your home is busy, this will be especially helpful.
  • Foldable footrest and seat: The seat, armrests, and footrest can be folded away when the stairlift is not in use. This saves space and allows others to use the stairs normally.
  • Smooth start and stop: The stairlift starts and stops smoothly, with no sudden jolts. The ride becomes more comfortable, especially for those with joint pain or a sensitivity to sudden movements.
  • Remote control: The Acorn 130 stairlift includes two remotes. With these remotes, you can call the stairlift to your location or send it to a different floor, even if you are not on it. The controls are very convenient for multiple users or helping others on the stairlift.
  • Reviews and ratings: The Acorn 130 receives positive reviews and ratings. Users appreciate its quiet operation, reliability, and user-friendly design. A review by Which? highlights its well-built construction and simple installation process, allowing users to use it fast with minimal effort. Users also feel safer and find it easier to navigate within their homes.

Acorn 130 outdoor stairlift

Acorn outdoor stairlift 130The Acorn 130 Outdoor Stairlift is specifically designed for straight outdoor staircases, making it ideal for settings such as garden steps, patios, or garages. Starting at around £2,300, the price can increase depending on additional features and customisations. This stairlift is perfect for those who love spending time outdoors. It provides the same level of independence and mobility that users enjoy indoors, allowing them to safely and easily navigate outdoor spaces.

What makes the Acorn 130 outdoor stairlift stand out

  • Weather-resistant parts: This model is strong and durable and built to handle various weather including rain and snow, ensuring reliable performance all year round. It features a special finish to resist the effects of wind and rain.
  • Heavy-duty build: The outdoor model can withstand the rigours of outdoor use, including exposure to dirt and moisture, ensuring it works well in all environments.
  • Durable cover: The stairlift’s weatherproof cover protects it from the elements when not in use, extending its lifespan and keeping it in good condition.
  • Safety sensors: Similar to the indoor version, the outdoor model has safety sensors that stop the stairlift if there are obstructions on the stairs, ensuring safe operation at all times. The outdoor model also includes the same safety features as indoor lifts, with no external moving parts and a failsafe braking system. 
  • Lockable key switch: This feature prevents unauthorised use, adding an extra layer of security and giving users peace of mind when the stairlift is not in use.
  • Reviews and ratings: Customers appreciate the outdoor model’s resilience and reliability in different weather conditions. Reviews often highlight the stairlift’s sturdy construction and ease of use. According to customer testimonials on the Acorn Stairlifts website, users have praised the Acorn 130 Outdoor Stairlift for its ability to maintain smooth and safe operation even in challenging outdoor environments.

An additional benefit of the Acorn 130 Outdoor Stairlift is its straightforward installation process, which is designed to be minimally disruptive to your daily routine when completed by professionals. 

Organisations like the Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) emphasise the importance of stairlifts, particularly those designed for outdoor use, in enhancing mobility and safety for individuals with limited mobility.

The Acorn 130 Outdoor Stairlift also offers a remote control or joystick operation, which adds to its convenience and ease of use.

Acorn 180 curved stairlift

Acorn 180 curved stairliftsThe Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift is an excellent choice if you have a staircase with bends and curves. The cost starts at £4,000, including installation, but the price can increase due to the complex setup process. Reconditioned models start at £2,200 and up. This model ensures a smooth ride around corners and through tricky staircase layouts. Its slim profile fits staircases as narrow as 27 inches, making it one of the best stairlifts for narrow stairs. Reviews from Affordable Stairlifts highlight its custom track and foldable features, making it a top choice for narrow, curved stairs.

What makes the Acorn 180 curved stairlift stand out

  • Custom curved rail: Acorn makes the 180’s rail fit the exact size and shape of your staircase, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Slimline design: The Acorn 180’s slim profile can fit staircases as narrow as 27 inches, making it ideal if you have limited space. This design ensures the stairlift doesn’t take over your staircase, leaving plenty of room for others to use it.
  • Foldable features: When not in use, you can fold away the seat, armrests, and footrest to save space on your staircase and keep the stairlift out of the way.
  • Remote control: The Acorn 180 comes with two remotes, letting you quickly call or send the stairlift to another floor. This is especially handy if more than one person in your home uses the stairlift or if you’re helping someone else.
  • Smooth operation: The Acorn 180 ensures a smooth ride around corners and bends, providing a comfortable journey on tricky staircases.
  • Safety features: Like the Acorn 130, this model includes safety sensors that stop the stairlift if there are any obstructions. The turning seat also allows for safe and easy boarding and exiting at the top and bottom of the stairs.
  • Reviews and ratings: Customers consistently praise the Acorn 180 for its reliable performance and ease of use. According to which? Users love its sturdy construction and smooth operation on curved stairs. You’ll appreciate its quiet, efficient functioning and the added safety features that make navigating curved stairs much easier. ThinkStairlifts praises this lift as a shining example of the exceptional quality that British manufacturing standards uphold.

Acorn offers a range of stairlift models to suit different staircase types and specific needs. The Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift is an excellent choice for those with curved or narrow staircases, providing a safe, comfortable, and reliable mobility solution for your home.

Acorn FastTrack® curved stairlift

The Acorn FastTrack® Curved Stairlift is designed for curved staircases with bends, curves, or intermediate landings. Starting at around £5,000, including installation, the price can increase depending on the complexity of the staircase and additional features. This stairlift is ideal for homeowners who need a reliable and efficient solution for navigating complex staircases quickly. According to Acorn Stairlifts, the FastTrack® system is particularly praised for its rapid installation process, making it a great option for those requiring immediate assistance.

What makes the Acorn Fasttrack® curved stairlift stand out:

  • Custom-made fit: The Acorn FastTrack® is a bespoke mode that requires the exact measurements of your staircase. This ensures a perfect fit and seamless integration into your home. This tailored design enables efficient and precise installation.
  • Quick installation: The Acorn FastTrack® can be installed in as little as 24 hours, causing minimal disruption to your daily routine. The modular rail system allows professionals to assemble it on-site, enabling this rapid installation process easily.
  • Smooth and comfortable ride: The Acorn FastTrack® provides a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to its advanced rail design and precise engineering. This ensures that you can move up and down the stairs with ease and without any jolts or bumps.
  • Quiet operation: This stairlift operates quietly, making it ideal for homes where noise levels need to be kept low. You can enjoy a peaceful and unobtrusive experience every time you use the stairlift.
  • Foldable components: Folding the seat, armrests, and footrest can save space on your staircase and keep it out of the way for other users.
  • Remote control: The Acorn FastTrack® has remote controls, which allow you to call or send the stairlift to another floor easily. This feature is convenient if more than one person in your home uses the stairlift or if you’re helping someone else.
  • Safety attributes: Similar to other Acorn models, the FastTrack® includes safety sensors that stop the stairlift if there are any obstructions. The turning seat also allows for safe and easy boarding and exiting at the top and bottom of the stairs.
  • Reviews and ratings: According to reviews on Retirement Living, the Acorn FastTrack® Curved Stairlift is praised for its quick installation, reliable performance, and ease of use. Customers appreciate the stairlift’s smooth and quiet operation, especially on curved staircases, and its ability to provide increased mobility and independence within their homes.

If navigating your curved staircase has become a challenge for you or someone in your household, the Acorn FastTrack® Curved Stairlift is the ideal solution. Designed for quick installation, it fits seamlessly into your home, even with the most complex staircase designs. Providing a safe and reliable way to move between floors, the FastTrack® stairlift helps you regain your independence and enjoy your home to the fullest.

Acorn stairlift prices in the UK

Acorn stairlift prices in the UK typically range from £2,300 to £5,500 for new models.   Stairlift cost depends on factors such as customisation, complexity, and location. For those on a budget, reconditioned stairlifts are a great option, often costing around half the price of a new model. The tables below provide a detailed breakdown of the costs for both fitted and unfitted Acorn stairlifts.

Acorn stairlift prices in the UK (without fitting)

Models  Stairs  New (£) Used (£)
Acorn 130 Straight £1,800 – £3,500 £750 – £1,200
Acorn 130 outdoor Straight £3,000 – £4,500 N/A
Acorn 180 Curved £4,000 – £7,000 £2,500 – £4,000
Acorn FastTrack® * Curved N/A N/A
These prices are estimated. 

* Acorn FastTrack® prices vary depending on the staircase complexity, and a custom quote is required.

Acorn stairlift prices in the UK (with fitting)

Models  Stairs New (£) Used (£)
Acorn 130 Straight £2,300 – £4,000 £995 – £1,700
Acorn 130 outdoor Straight £3,500 – £5,500 N/A
Acorn 180 Curved £5,500 – £9,000 £3,000 – £5,000
Acorn FastTrack® Curved £5,000+ N/A
These prices are estimated.

Please keep in mind that the prices mentioned are starting prices. The final cost of your Acorn stairlift will be determined by various factors, including:

  • Customisation: Additional features, such as powered swivel seats, different upholstery options, or extended warranties, can increase the price.
  • Staircase complexity: The length, number of turns, and landings on your staircase will impact the cost, particularly for curved stairlifts.
  • Warranty: The length and coverage of the warranty offered by the supplier.
  • Removal of old stairlift: You may need stairlift removal for your old aid. If applicable, the cost of removing an existing stairlift will apply.
  • After-sales service: The availability and cost of maintenance and repair services offered by the supplier.
  • Location: Prices may vary slightly depending on your location and the specific dealer you choose.

For the most accurate price tailored to your specific needs, it’s best to request a free, no-obligation quote from a reputable dealer. They will assess your staircase and provide a personalised estimate based on your chosen model, features, and installation requirements. You can use the available form to start in seconds. 

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Acorn stairlifts post purchase service

Acorn stairlifts servicesAcorn stairlifts come with a comprehensive warranty and excellent post-purchase support. They offer a range of services to ensure your stairlift remains in optimal condition.

Here’s what you can expect from Acorn’s post-purchase services:

  • Warranty: Every new Acorn stairlift comes with a standard 12-month manufacturer’s warranty, covering parts and labour for any repairs needed because of defects or malfunctions.
  • Extended warranty: Acorn offers extended warranty options for up to 5 years, providing continued coverage and peace of mind beyond the initial warranty period.
  • Maintenance and servicing: Acorn provides annual servicing plans to keep your stairlift in optimal condition. Their trained technicians will perform comprehensive checks, lubrication, and adjustments to ensure smooth and safe operation.
  • 24/7 support: Acorn’s dedicated customer support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your stairlift. They can troubleshoot issues over the phone or schedule a technician visit if necessary.
  • Acorn Club app: As an Acorn stairlift owner, you’ll receive access to the complimentary Acorn Club app, which provides helpful tips and resources for maintaining your stairlift and exclusive offers and discounts.

Acorn stairlift buy-back program:

If you no longer need your Acorn stairlift or wish to upgrade to a newer model, Acorn offers a buy-back program. The amount you receive will depend on the model, age, condition, and current market value of your stairlift. This program provides a convenient and hassle-free way to sell your pre-loved Acorn stairlift.

By offering a robust post-purchase service package, Acorn ensures your stairlift remains a reliable and valuable asset in your home for years to come. Whether you need technical support or maintenance services or are considering selling your stairlift, you can count on Acorn to provide the help you need.

Get multiple quotes on Acorn stairlifts near you

Acorn stairlifts UKConsidering an Acorn stairlift to improve your home’s accessibility? That’s a fantastic step towards improving your comfort and independence. Before deciding, it’s important to explore all your options. Gathering quotes from various Acorn stairlift providers in your area is a wise approach to ensure you find the best fit for your needs and budget.

Think of it like planning a holiday—you wouldn’t book the first one you see. Instead, you’d compare prices, explore different destinations, and choose what suits you best. The process of selecting a stairlift is similar. By obtaining multiple quotes, you can:

  • Compare prices: Identify which company offers the best deal for the stairlift you need.
  • Uncover special offers: Some companies might have promotions or discounts that you would need help finding.
  • Find the perfect fit: Explore the various stairlift models available and determine which one best suits your home and lifestyle.
  • Understand service and maintenance: Learn about the service packages each provider offers, ensuring you choose one with reliable support.
  • Evaluate customer feedback: Reading reviews and testimonials from other customers can give you insights into each company’s reliability and customer service.

Our free quote service is your personal matchmaker for Acorn stairlifts.

We’ll connect you with different providers in your area so you can compare prices and features and find the perfect fit for your home and budget.

There is no pressure to buy, just helpful information to guide your decision.

Let’s team up to make your home more comfortable and accessible. Requesting your free quotes takes less than a minute and could save you up to 40% on your stairlift.

It’s a small step towards a significant improvement in your daily life.

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What is the average cost of an Acorn stairlift?

The cost of a new Acorn stairlift, with fitting, ranges from £2,300 to £9,000, depending on the model and features. Straight stairlifts typically start at £2,300, while curved models begin at £5,500. Reconditioned Acorn stairlifts are more budget-friendly, usually costing between £995 and £5,000.

Are Acorn stairlifts any good?

Yes, Acorn stairlifts are highly regarded in the UK and are a popular choice for those needing mobility assistance. They are known for their reliability, comfort, and excellent customer service, which is reflected in their high customer satisfaction rate of 82% and an impressive 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot.

How are Acorn stairlifts rated in reviews?

Acorn stairlifts have received over 7,950 reviews on Trustpilot, with 82% of reviewers giving them 5 stars. Users frequently praise the stairlifts’ dependable performance, ease of use, comfort, and smooth operation. Positive reviews often highlight the company’s dedication to customer service and after-sales support.

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