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If you are having difficulties using your stairs, getting a stairlift fitted can bring you the freedom and independence to access all floors in your home with ease.

We can help any customers in the Norwich area find the right stairlift model for their needs and budget.

Our verified stairlift suppliers in your area supply a variety of new and reconditioned stairlifts for all types of straight and curved staircases.

If you have mobility issues and struggle to climb your stairs without the worry of a fall, getting a stair lift can make a big difference to your life and save you the hassle and expense of moving house.

Our customer service team can arrange free stair surveys and no obligation quotes from our recommended Norfolk stairlifts suppliers, so you can compare prices and make an informed decision about which stairlift is right for your mobility requirements and price range.

Top UK Stairlift Brands from Local Suppliers

All of our trusted local stairlift providers offer a choice of brand name models from top UK manufacturers such as Acorn, Brooks, Castle Comfort, Handicare and Stannah, which come with full warranties for your peace of mind.

Each of the leading manufacturer brands is selected for quality, reliability, comfort and value for money.

Our stairlift suppliers near you offer a selection of straight and curved stairlift solutions with a range of styles and different colour seats depending on user need and preference.

All of the units supplied by our partner firms meet the highest safety standards and have features such as obstruction sensors, remote control operation, and battery backup in the event of a power cut.

Please contact us to speak to a stairlift advisor about your individual requirements, request a brochure to read, or book a free of charge site survey.

Affordable Stairlift Prices

Every Norwich stairlift company near you that we work with offers affordable mobility solutions for any type of staircase.

To get a quick online guide price, please use the price calculator on our website to enter what kind of stairs you have, whether you want to buy a new or reconditioned stairlift unit, and your details such as postcode, name, email address or phone number.

To get a free personalised quotation from a trusted stairlift company with coverage in the Norwich area, please call our customer support team to arrange a home visit at your convenience.

New and Reconditioned Stairlifts

Every stairlifts firm we recommend has very competitive prices on both new and reconditioned products, which all come with a full warranty and excellent aftercare service.

The second hand stairlifts have all been thoroughly tested and refurbished to ensure they are in perfect working order, and generally cost less than brand new models.

Please call us for more information on the options available for your staircase.

Straight Stairlifts

If you have either a standard size straight staircase or a narrow one, of any length, our suppliers can help you find the best solution for your needs and budget from their range of straight stairlifts that can easily be installed on ready made tracks.

Our advisors can give you advice on the most suitable option for your situation, for example, you may require a chair with a heavy duty motor or a perch seat.

Curved Stairlifts

For curved stairs with turns or bends, or an unusual shape, a curved stairlift will be needed with a bespoke stairlift rail made to fit the precise layout of the staircase.

Please get in touch with us with any questions and our stairlift experts will be happy to help.

Norwich Stairlift Rental

Rental stairlifts are available for clients looking to hire a stair lift for a short time instead of purchase one.

The firms we work with offer an affordable rental stairlift service in Norwich and surrounding areas.

With stairlift rentals any maintenance problems and repair costs will be taken care of and in the unlikely event you experience a fault, their expert engineers will respond promptly.

To find out more about stair lift rental, please contact us.

Stairlift Removals in Norwich and Nearby Areas

We are able to help with stairlift removals in homes across the Norwich area.

If you have any unwanted stairlift equipment that you would like professionally removed, please give us a call.

Free Stairlift Surveys and No Obligation Quotes

We can arrange free stairlift assessments with each stair lift supplier we recommend, where a surveyor will visit your property and offer advice on the most suitable make and model for your needs and budget.

You will be able to compare quotations from each business and make an educated decision about which product to buy.

Professional Stairlift Installation

All of our trusted suppliers have experienced stairlift fitters in your area that offer a fast stairlift installation service, with next day installation an option in certain scenarios.

The technicians have the knowledge to carry out straight and curved stairlift installations in all kinds of situations, with minimum disruption, no need for major building work and no damage to your walls.

The stairlift installers near you are trained professionals who can complete the work efficiently in only a few hours and make the process very straightforward.

Contact Our Norwich Stairlift Experts Today

If you or a family member find it a challenge to use the stairs safely, buying a stairlift is an affordable way to continue living in your own home.

Please contact us today with any question about getting a stairlift and we will be pleased to help.

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