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If you are having problems managing your stairs, getting a home stairlift fitted can greatly improve your daily life, giving you the freedom and independence to access all floors in your house in safety and comfort.

Our goal is to help people in the Romford area find the best deals on a stairlift that is right for their mobility needs and budget.

Our verified stairlift companies near you supply a variety of great value new and reconditioned stairlift solutions for all stair types and price ranges, which come with warranty cover for your peace of mind.

To get more information, request a brochure, or arrange a free stair survey and receive multiple quotatations, please call our customer service team or fill out our online enquiry form.

Top UK Brands from Romford Stairlift Suppliers

Each local business we recommend supplies products from top UK brand name manufacturers with a reputation for excellence and reliability, such as Acorn, Brooks, Castle Comfort, Handicare and Stannah.

All the models available from our recommended stair lift brands meet strict safety standards and have a number of safety features and functions such as rechargeable batteries so you can use your chair lift in a power cut, seat belts, swivel chairs and the option of remote control operation.

The stairlift models we recommend are selected for durability, practicality, ease of use at the touch of a button, and journey at a gentle pace along the staircase with no sudden movement.

All models are covered by a guarantee to cover stairlift repair costs in the unlikely event of a breakdown.

Please contact us with any questions about stairlift prices and our stairlift advisors will be happy to assist you.

Straight Stairlifts

For straight staircases of all sizes, with no curves or turns, straight stair lifts are available, which run between each level on ready made rails and can be installed fast.

For narrow staircases, space saving options are offered, including slimline models and stair lifts with perch seats.

Please call our stairlifts team for advice on the best type of stairlift to meet your specifications.

Curved Stairlifts

For clients with curved stairs of any shape, that turn a corner, or have any twists or bends, our stairlift suppliers in your area offer a choice of curved stairlifts.

A curved stairlift model requires a bespoke rail made to match the exact angles of the staircase.

Each provider we work with can design a customised track to fit any kind of staircase layouts.

Please contact our customer support services to arrange a free of charge assessment of your stairs and get a personalised, no obligation quote.

Stairlift Rental

A stairlift purchase can be a good investment, but if you only need a stairlift for a short time, it can work out cheaper to rent one.

With rental stairlifts services there is usually a one-off fee to cover the installation and removal cost, followed by a low monthly payment.

Any maintenance repairs and servicing costs will be included in the rental price.

Please get in touch with us for advice on which rental company we recommend with coverage in Romford and surrounding areas.

Next Day Installation by Professional Engineers

Each stairlift dealer near that we recommend has a team of stairlift engineers who specialise in home stairlift installation.

The stairlift installers in your area are professionals with experience of fitting all kinds of stair lifts and next day installation is possible in some cases, depending on customer requirements.

The engineer can complete the install without the need for major building work or changes to your wall or décor, and will carry out a demonstration to make sure you have the confidence to use the stairlift independently.

Please contact us to discuss your installation options.

Request a Free Survey and No Obligation Quotation

We can organise a free property survey where a surveyor will visit your house at your convenience, look at your property layout and discuss your preferences in order to recommend the most suitable stairlift solution for your needs.

At the free consultation, customers have the flexibility to choose from a range of lift chairs and seat colours.

The adviser can explain the whole process and provide a personalised quotation.

We are on hand to help you with your decision, so please call us to request a free survey or quote.

Call Our Essex Stairlifts Experts Today

You can get a guide price by entering your stair type and contact details on our website form, such as your postcode, house name or number, email address and phone number.

Or to speak to a stairlift specialist and receive multiple free, no obligation quotes, please phone us directly.





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