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In the UK, securing an affordable stairlift is vital for those needing enhanced independence and mobility at home. Stairlifts are a practical aid for safely and comfortably navigating stairs, whether due to age, injury, or disability. With numerous options available, it’s important to find a stairlift that balances affordability with quality and reliability.

Gathering quotes from various suppliers and stair lift companies will help you make an informed decision, ensuring you choose a solution that offers excellent value and meets your specific needs.

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What are the best cheap stairlifts?

Cheap Stairlift

When seeking the best stairlifts, affordability is crucial, but quality and safety should not be compromised. Stairlifts provide essential support for individuals with mobility challenges, enabling them to navigate stairs easily and independently.

Although straight stairlifts typically have lower stairlift costs compared to curved models, it’s important to explore options that fit different budgets and staircase designs while maintaining key features. Additionally, consider the variety of models a company offers, including platform stairlifts, outdoor stairlifts, and standing stairlifts, to find the best fit for your needs.

The cost of a stairlift can greatly influence your decision. Many reputable companies provide budget-friendly stairlift solutions tailored to meet the needs of cost-conscious consumers, ensuring quality and safety are not compromised. These options include:

Acorn Stairlifts

Acorn Stairlifts is well-known for offering reliable stairlifts at cheap prices. Their straight stairlift range delivers great value, with slimline designs, straightforward installation, and smooth operation. Acorn provides professional installation, extensive warranties, and continuous support for maintenance and repairs. Despite their affordable pricing, Acorn emphasises safety and durability, making them a favoured option for those mindful of their budget.

Affordable Model: Acorn 130 Straight Stairlift

Cost Range with installation: £2,000 – £3,500

Best for: Individuals with straight staircases seeking a reliable and budget-friendly solution.


  1. Competitive pricing
  2. Easy installation process
  3. Smooth and reliable operation


  1. Limited customisation options
  2. Additional features may come at extra cost

Handicare Stairlifts

Handicare provides a range of stairlifts to suit various budgets. Their stairlifts feature intuitive controls, ergonomic seating, and safety measures for a comfortable and secure experience. They offer professional installation, warranties, and ongoing maintenance and repair support. Handicare focuses on affordability without sacrificing quality, making their stairlifts a dependable option for cost-conscious individuals seeking mobility solutions.

Affordable Model: Handicare 950 Straight Stairlift

Cost Range with installation: £2,500 – £4,000

Best For: Users prioritising safety and comfort without compromising on quality.


  1. Intuitive controls for ease of use
  2. Ergonomic seating options for comfort
  3. Safety features included as standard


  1. Higher starting price compared to some competitors
  2. Limited colour options for customisation

Brooks Stairlifts

Brooks specialises in offering affordable stairlift solutions for straight staircases. Their stairlifts are celebrated for their simplicity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, making them a great choice for budget-conscious buyers. Brooks provides professional installation, warranties, and continuous support to maintain their stairlifts’ longevity and performance. Despite their competitive prices, Brooks stairlifts adhere to strict safety standards, ensuring users enjoy peace of mind and independence at home.

Affordable Model: Brooks Slimline Straight Stairlift

Cost Range with installation: £1,800 – £3,000

Best For: Budget-conscious individuals seeking a straightforward and reliable mobility solution.


  1. Simplistic design suitable for various home decors
  2. Cost-effective pricing to suit budget-conscious individuals
  3. Reliability in operation


  1. Limited additional features available
  2. May not accommodate all staircase configurations

Used and refurbished cheap stairlifts options

When looking for budget-friendly stairlifts, considering used and refurbished models can provide substantial savings while still offering necessary mobility support. Options include second-hand reconditioned stairlifts, refurbished units, and rental arrangements. Here’s an overview of each option and their potential benefits:

Stairlift options Price range (GBP)
Used stairlifts £1,000 – £3,000
Refurbished stairlifts £2,000 – £4,000
Rental stairlifts £50 – £150 per month

Used stairlifts

Previously owned stairlifts, known as used stair lifts, are units that have been removed from homes for various reasons, such as relocation or upgrades. They are one of the cheapest stairlift options for individuals with simple staircase configurations who prioritise cost savings over specific features or customisation.

Tip: If you have a particular type of stairlift in mind, it’s advisable to explore used stairlift options first, as this could result in significant savings compared to purchasing a brand new one.


  1. Lower initial cost compared to new models.
  2. Potential to find reputable brands and models at a fraction of their original price.


  1. Limited availability may restrict choices regarding features and customisation.
  2. Wear and tear from previous use might impact performance and lifespan.

Refurbished stairlifts

Refurbished stairlifts undergo comprehensive examination, repair, and restoration procedures to ensure they meet industry benchmarks and function akin to new units. They are ideal for individuals seeking a compromise between affordability and quality, prepared to invest in a reconditioned unit with assurances of performance and dependability.



Rental options

Certain companies provide stairlift rental services, enabling users to temporarily install them without the commitment of buying. This option suits individuals with temporary mobility requirements or those caring for the elderly, offering a flexible solution without substantial initial investments.



Are rental options worth It?

Considering rental options may be beneficial for individuals requiring a stairlift temporarily or uncertain about their long-term mobility needs. However, for those with permanent or prolonged mobility challenges, purchasing a used or refurbished stairlift may offer better long-term value, as cumulative rental fees could surpass ownership costs over time.

Comparing the overall expenses of renting versus purchasing, including maintenance, installation, and warranty coverage, is essential before deciding.

In summary, exploring used, refurbished, or rental stairlift options can offer cost-effective solutions for individuals navigating stairs with mobility aids. Each option presents its advantages and disadvantages, necessitating careful consideration of individual requirements and preferences to make an informed choice.

How can you get financial help for your affordable stairlift?

For those requiring a stairlift but experiencing financial limitations, several avenues exist to ease the financial burden. While acquiring a complimentary stairlift may pose challenges due to limited availability, there are methods to obtain financial aid to make stairlifts more accessible. Here are some approaches to finance a cost-effective stairlift:

NHS assistance


Local council support

Financial assistance programs

Payment plans and financing options

Local community support

Based on individual needs and home layout, there are several mobility alternatives to stairlifts. These include home elevators, wheelchair ramps, platform lifts, inclined platform lifts, and home modifications.

Although acquiring a free stairlift is uncommon, exploring these financial assistance options can greatly alleviate the cost of obtaining a crucial mobility aid.

Key factors to consider when selecting a cheap stairlift

When choosing a budget-friendly stairlift, it’s essential to prioritise safety, durability, and quality. While lower costs are attractive, frequent repairs can become costly, and the stairlift might lack safety or comfort. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of key factors to consider:

By taking these factors into account, you can make a well-informed decision when selecting an affordable stairlift that meets your specific needs and budget.

Get multiple quotes to find the most affordable stairlifts

When considering the purchase of a stairlift in the UK, obtaining multiple quotes from various suppliers is a wise strategy to find the most cost-effective option.

By taking the time to gather quotes from multiple stairlift providers, you can make an informed decision and choose the option that offers the best value and meets your specific needs.

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How do you qualify for a free stairlift?

Eligibility for a free stairlift generally depends on several factors, including age, disability status, financial situation, and location. Charities, local government programs, or non-profit organisations may provide assistance for individuals who meet certain criteria. It’s recommended to research available options in your area and directly contact relevant organisations or agencies to inquire about their qualification requirements.

How do you get a stairlift on the NHS?

Obtaining a stairlift through the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK can be difficult since they generally do not cover stair lift installations for private homes. However, exceptions may be made if a stairlift is considered medically necessary due to a health condition or disability. To qualify for funding, an assessment by healthcare professionals and NHS approval may be needed. It is advisable to consult with your healthcare provider or local NHS authority for guidance on the application process and eligibility requirements.

What type of stairlift is the cheapest?

The cost of a basic straight stairlift varies from £2,000 to £3,500. Straight stairlifts are usually the most economical choice compared to curved or custom models. They are specifically designed to fit standard, uninterrupted staircases without any curves or bends. Their simpler installation process and standardised design contribute to their lower cost compared to curved stairlifts, which require more complex customization to accommodate curved or spiral staircases.

Is there an alternative to a stairlift?

Yes, there are other mobility options besides stairlifts, depending on individual requirements and the layout of the home. Some alternatives include: home elevators, wheelchair ramps, platform lifts, inclined platform lifts, and home modifications.

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