Stannah Stairlifts

Stannah Stairlifts Review

Stannah is a family run company that has been designing and manufacturing stairlifts since 1975. In 40 years over 600,000 Stannah stairlifts have been made and they are sold in over 46 countries as well as throughout the UK.

Stannah offers a range of stairlifts to suit a user’s physical needs and to fit different types of staircases. Their models come in a variety of colours and with a choice of custom features, including vinyl or fabric seats, and different wood trims. The Starla and Siena can be tailor made for both straight and curved stairs. The Sadler is similar to a perch-style stairlift and is designed for those with limited mobility. It is also a good option for narrow stairs.

Stannah will need to make an appointment for one of their trained consultants to visit your home to assess which model would be best suited to your stairs and to your needs. This way they will be able to give you an exact price to supply and install the stairlift, but the quotation will be free and you are under no obligation to buy. We recommend you obtain written quotes from at least two different stairlift manufacturers so that you can make an informed decision about which stairlift offers the best solution for you.

Stannah Stairlift Reviews

Stannah stairlifts received an overall customer satisfaction score of 74 percent in a survey conducted by Which in November 2014. They were rated 4/5 on all of the following categories:

Average prices paid were £2,424 for a brand new Stannah stairlift and £1,804 for a used one. The survey didn’t look at the specific type of stairlift bought, but curved models cost significantly more than straight ones.

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Starla Stairlift


Stannah’s Starla stairlift can be used on both straight and curved stairs and can be customised to your needs and taste.


Siena Stairlift

Siena Stairlift

The Siena stairlift by Stannah can be fitted to either straight or curved staircases.


Sadler Stairlift

Sadler Stairlift

Stannah’s Sadler stairlift has a perch-style elevated seat and is designed for people who have trouble bending to sit down or limited flexibility. It is also suitable for narrow stairs where a traditional seated stairlift may be too wide.


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